Services We Provide
C-Store Xpress can create a customized product offering to match the needs of the event.

Pop contracts: If your event has a contract with a soft drink company we will only sell the
products that your contract allows.

Tobacco: If you don't want tobacco at your event we wont sell it.

Fast food: hot dogs, nachos, sandwiches and other similar items are also available.

Miscellaneous Items: We can carry those odd items that are specific to your event. Are many of
your customers camping? We can carry items such as batteries, health and beauty aids, even
charcoal if there is a need for it.
Fully self contained

C-Store Xpress
can operate where electricity is not available. With the use of a generator we
are fully self contained.

Flexible trailer placement

We have concession windows on each side of the trailer so we can operate with any trailer
placement. Two concession windows are ideal for high volume events to satisfy our
customers need for a quick and easy transaction.
You can call us direct at (616) 719-6722 or by e-mail through the "contact us" page of the